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Owning a home is a great experience for many Kenyans but it is also an extremely taxing event in your life and you need to be prepared for what lies ahead. The decision to build or buy is not an easy one and each has its own set of advantages and problems that need to be carefully weighed against one other. If this is your first time around, there will be discomfort in any path you choose and there is really no right choice that suits everyone. In making your decision, consider things such as your financial situation, job security, long-term plans for being in the area, and your sanity. Look into both options and take the path that is best suited for you.

Speak with anyone that has built their own home and most have horror stories about the project taking too long or exceeding cost expectations. Whether it is inclement, problems with obtaining the proper materials, delayed inspections or an overstretched general contractor, building your home from the ground up can come with significant delays. The primary advantage of building a new home is that it can be built to individual specifications. These houses, known as custom homes, can be made in the specific vision of the buyer and changed as the building process progresses. Buying a new home is more efficient as compared to building one from scratch. Once one purchases an existing home, he can move in immediately. New homes can take months or longer to build. Construction costs are also significant. Contractors have been hit hard by the housing downturn, and many are offering discounts on new construction. But these costs can rise quickly and the estimates are rarely accurate. The only true advantage that building a new home provides in the current market is customization. All other factors indicate that buying an existing home is the best financial choice. Buying is a much less stressful process than building, since so much can go wrong during the construction of a new home. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing property, we believe you deserve maximum value for your investment. At Azizi realtors we ensure your investment remains a treasure. Our joy is matching your real estate needs with Exceptional treasures. Get in touch and let us find your treasure.