Safety Measures For COVID-19

Dear Customers,
Today, we are all going through difficult period of uncertainty because of Corona virus (Covid-19), a pandemic that has disrupted our way of life at personal, family and business level. We are most definitely trouble by the turn of events and are possibly worried about what will happen next

As we collaborate to enhance preventive measures against COVID-19, We have made efforts to ensure safe environment for our clients to continue viewing properties.
1.We have installed Alcohol-based sanitizers in all our premises and have also provided safety mask and hand sanitizers to our staff to minimize any risk.
2.We request that you adhere to the social distance of one meter in all our interactions.
3.We advise you to use alternative banking channels.
4.To Ensure business continuity and guarantee staff safety, we will have some of our staff working off-site.

Authenticated advisories by government and health authorities e.g World Health Organisation (WHO), are good references on how to take care of yourself, your friends and your family

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