No great organization can be successful without clear strategic plan. Conceptualize this idea AZIZI REALTORS has developed a policy manual to guide the subsidiary towards quality and efficient services to all clients (Landlord and tenants). In line with our vision, these guidelines sets a platform on which all operations in the department can be appraised and service gaps are identified early enough in order to come up with corrective measures.

We manage and administer your property with a value-creation oriented approach. Apart from classical administrative and technical management work, we offer various additional value- add services in order  to protect the quality of your real estate investment in the long term

Through the longstanding management of our own, as well as our customers portfolios of various volumes, we have gained experience in all sub-areas of property management and will take over the technically and emotionally demanding challenges for you as an independent third party.


Our Responsibilities Include;

  • Rental payments deposit in landlords bank account
  • Proper pre-handover inspection with tenant
  • Internal inspection every six month
  • Report to landlord on inspection
  • Report to landlord on any tenant’s requirements
  • Post vacating condition report
  • Re-marketing of property to secure a new tenant
  • Management of common areas



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